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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Moulton, St Peter's

Moulton Church
This church is located at the southern outskirts of this pleasant English village.

Cottage typical of Moulton
Moulton is about 3.5 miles from Newmarket.
Nave and Chancel
There has been a church on this site since Norman times. Over the years the church has been extended and altered with very little of the Norman stonework remaining. The tower dates from the 1300s. The clerestory, aisles and chancel date from the late 1400s.

The church was much restored in the mid-1800s. The clock on the tower dates from 1879 and is in memory of the Rev Edwin Mortlock who funded much of the restoration.
Font with 16th century cover
The church is famous for its fish weathervane. The church is on the side of a hill and looks down towards the River Kennet.
Fish weathervane
What may have been an anchorite cell annex is visible to the north of the tower.

The oldest item in the church is a stone carving known as the Moulton Pair.
Moulton Pair
We ate (for a second time) at the nearby Packhorse Inn in Moulton.  This is very close to the 15th century packhorse bridge.

Packhorse Bridge
Moulton was once on the main road to Bury-St-Edmunds. This pub recently changed hands and although externally it is nothing special, the service and lunchtime food were very good.
Lunchtime food at the Packhorse Inn

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